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Landson always continues improving the quality of human life with pharmaceutical products, quality people and technology.
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Brand Philosophy

Basic Ideology behind the tagline ‘Improving Quality of Life’
Definition of Improving Quality of Life :
Landson aims to improve all human’s physical wellbeing, including their ability to function in having harmony living by protecting them with quality medicine and treatments.

Brand Dimension

Brand Philosophy behind the color and font:
self confidence, young,  stable, calm, intelligent, adoptable, and dynamics

Brand Expression behind our tagline ‘Improving Quality of Life’:

  • young, modern, dynamics
  • courageous
  • willing to change
  • experimental
  • happy

More about us

  • Greeting from Director
    We can confirm that the growth of pharmaceutical industry has embarked on a significant improvement lately
  • Company in Brief
    Since becoming part of the Mensa Group, Landson expands its product range in synthetic drugs and herbal medicines.
  • Vision Mision Values
    Vision: To become  one of  health care  leading manufacturing companies in indonesia  and   accepted  in the global market.
  • CSR
    As a member of Mensa Group, we establish CSR footprint and understands the impact for environment and society from every angle

Manfaat Omega-3 Bagi Kesehatan Dengan Dosis Yang Tepat

National Center for Health Statistic, USA 2015, melakukan survei produk natural yang paling banyak digunakan di USA adalah fish oil/OMEGA-3. OMEGA-3 adalah asam lemak esensial yang tidak bisa dibuat oleh tubuh kita sehingga kita memerlukan asupan melalui makanan. Bagaimana memilih suplemen OMEGA-3 yang tepat dan memberi manfaat?

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