Commitment on Manufacturing
Expansion in our factory by enlarging the capacity and upgrading facilities is part of our long term commitment in pharmaceutical industry
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Other Product Facilities

  • Tablet
    Tablet is a mixture of active pharmaceutical ingridient and excipients, in powder form compacted into a solid with various different shape and with pigments to make colored tablets visually attractive. Film coating or sugar coating maybe applied to hide the taste of the tablet's components, and to make it more resistant to the environment, extending its shelf life.

    The process of Tablet consist of Mixing in "Supermixer" and then wet granulation and wet sieving, follows by drying in "Fluid Bed Drier (FBD)" and than dry sieving follow with "Final Mixer" the powder will than process in "Tabletting Machine". We have 4 tabletting machine which capable of production in the order of 800 million tablets per year. For film coated tablets, it goes through a process of coating with "Film Coating Machine" perforated type.
  • Hard Capsule
    Hard Capsule is a unique dosage form which consists two empty separate parts of semi-closed cylinder in shape with i.e caps and body which filled with powder. The Flow process of Hard Capsule : Mixing in "Mixer" and than filling in "Automatic Capsule Filling machine" which capable of production in order of 50 million hard capsule per year.
  • Syrup
    Syrups are prepared by adding Active Pharmaceutical Ingriedient to, or dissolving/supsending them in, the simple syrup and adding flavouring matter.

    The Flow process of Syrup: Mixing in "Homomixer" and filtering and than filling and pilferproof capping which is capable in order of 900 thousand bottles per year.


    More manufacturing

    • Soft capsule
      Our Soft Capsule production process is supported by advanced technology and equipments.
    • Sachet Effervescent Powder
      Effervescent powder in sachet is a unique dosage form which requires special attention starting from Raw Material treatment, mixing and filling into sachet
    • Other Product Facilities
      Hard capsule
    • R & D
      Our research mainly looks for the best formulation supported by suitable technology and experts.

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    National Center for Health Statistic, USA 2015, melakukan survei produk natural yang paling banyak digunakan di USA adalah fish oil/OMEGA-3. OMEGA-3 adalah asam lemak esensial yang tidak bisa dibuat oleh tubuh kita sehingga kita memerlukan asupan melalui makanan. Bagaimana memilih suplemen OMEGA-3 yang tepat dan memberi manfaat?

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