Commitment on Manufacturing
Expansion in our factory by enlarging the capacity and upgrading facilities is part of our long term commitment in pharmaceutical industry
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QC and QA

Landson is committed towards manufacturing the highest possible quality of all our products, ensuring that Quality Assurance is a way of life. We assure that quality is prioritized at each and every step along the processes, starting from raw materials towards finished goods and distribution into market.

We adopt and implement the GMP – all stages of production are maintained to achieve quality assurance such that quality and safety standards meet and in accordance with current GMP standards. But we focus and emphasize that “Quality” is not only towards product quality but also on overall services.

More manufacturing

  • Soft capsule
    Our Soft Capsule production process is supported by advanced technology and equipments.
  • Sachet Effervescent Powder
    Effervescent powder in sachet is a unique dosage form which requires special attention starting from Raw Material treatment, mixing and filling into sachet
  • Other Product Facilities
    Hard capsule
  • R & D
    Our research mainly looks for the best formulation supported by suitable technology and experts.

Manfaat Omega-3 Bagi Kesehatan Dengan Dosis Yang Tepat

National Center for Health Statistic, USA 2015, melakukan survei produk natural yang paling banyak digunakan di USA adalah fish oil/OMEGA-3. OMEGA-3 adalah asam lemak esensial yang tidak bisa dibuat oleh tubuh kita sehingga kita memerlukan asupan melalui makanan. Bagaimana memilih suplemen OMEGA-3 yang tepat dan memberi manfaat?

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