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POLIKOS In the Indonesia Herbal Drug Forum Symposia (FOHI)

Bandung, Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Herbal Drug Forum Symposia (Forum Obat Herbal Indonesia) was held on 19-20 May 2006 at Papandayan Hotel, Bandung. This event was attended by Physicians, Pharmacists, staffs of Indonesian NAFDC, medicinal plant research organizations, Hospital and university institutions, auxiliary teachers of pharmacy, etc. The numbers of participants were around 200 people.

In this symposia, Landson participated in several occasions, which include participation in 1 Key Symposia and 1 General Lecture, which was held on Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 09.00 – 11.00, and 1 exhibition booth. For general lecture, the topic was Immunity Problems in Avian Flu Patients, whom the speaker was dr. Hadi Yusuf, SpPD-KPTI, with dr. Primal Sudjana, SpPD-KPTI as the Moderator.

Afterwards, it is continued with the Key Symposia with the topic “Herbal Therapy against HYPERLIPIDEMIA. The first speaker was Prof.dr. Iman Supandiman SpPD-KHOM, with Prof.Dr.dr. Herry S.Sastramihardja SpFK(K) as the moderator. The lecture was titled Policosanol sebagai Obat Penurun Lipid (Policosanol as Lipid Lowering Agent). The second speaker was Prof.Dr.Siddik. His lecture was titled Hypolipidemic Activity of Polycosanol Isolated from Sacharum officinarum L. Botany, Chemistry and Pharmacology.

The participants were very enthusiastics, this was shown by many questions asked during discussion session related to the breakthrough therapy for hypercholesterolemia by Policosanol. Landson has launched new product, indicated for hypercholesterolemia therapy, that is POLIKOS. POLIKOS contains Policosanol 5mg and 10mg, with each box contains 3 strips @10 tablets. The strength of Policosanol in treating hypercholesterolemia is widely proven through numerous clinical trials and abundant scientific literatures.

POLIKOS have been widely distributed in many pharmacies which enable patients to buy it. Landson, consistently, put its best effort in providing products with excellent quality and affordable by all segments.

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