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Lesichol In Dinner Symposium Liver Up Date 2006 Hotel Borobudur - Jakarta

Jakarta, Tuesday, 11 August 2009

On the 3rd Liver Up Date 2006, PT. Landson participated as single sponsor on Dinner Symposium was held at Hotel Borobudur on July 29, 2006 at 7 pm. This Dinner Symposium presented LESICHOL as a product which presentated by Prof. Nurul Akbar, SpPD, KGEH (Hepatology division of FKUI/RSCM), thus this symposium was called DINNER SYMPOSIUM LESICHOL. The number of the symposium participants was about 550 persons. This event was attended by Profesors, doctors and their family, also Mr. Jonathan Sudharta as owner of PT. Landson. Also attended by the doctors from another countries such as the doctor from Australia, Chinnese and Hongkong. Dinner symposium was a top night program on Liver Up Date 2006. PT. Landson also participated on stan boot during this event.

On this Dinner Symposium, started with the Welcome Speech by Mr. Hasan E. Karna as Marketing Director PT. Landson. Then followed by Prof. L.A Lesmana, PhD, SpPD, KGEH-FACG gave the introduction. The main symposium was presentated by Prof. Nurul Akbar as a speaker and Prof. Ali Sulaiman, PhD, SpPD, KGEH-FACG as moderator. His presentation was titled “The Benefits of Essential Phospholipids in The Treatment of Liver Diseases”. Prof. Nurul Akbar also gave presentation about the result of the clinical trial of LESICHOL that he had done two months before. Prof. Nurul said that LESICHOL gives the significant result on reduced of SGOT/SGPT levels. Suddenly, in the discussion session Prof. Saifullah Noer gave the surprise. In this session Prof. Saifullah Noer said that LESICHOL had proven for the prevention of liver damaged induced by Tuberculosis drugs. Prof. Saifullah Noer gave his statement in two languages, Indonesia and English for the doctors from another countries.

The participants were very anthusiastics, it was shown by the attention of the participants during the LESIHOL symposium. Beside the LESICHOL symposium, the programs were announcement of Dr. Pang Award Winners by Scientific Chairman, Prof. L.A Lesmana and announcement of the Awards by Guest Speakers. Also performances from Hegasendo group with traditional dance from West Sumatra and Betawi. Special performance with music instrumental and singers from Sekawan group.

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